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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Favorite Reference Books

Whenever we come upon food questions, be it innovating here at Peas or interacting with food in our personal lives, these are the books we turn to for answers.

Larousse Gastronomique

What hasn't already been said about the most quintessential culinary reference text? It's not called 'The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia' for nothing!

If you've not yet had the pleasure, be sure to allot ample time for your first encounter with Larousse Gastronomique; one seemingly simple question will lead to another and then another... you'll get sucked in for hours!

The New Best Recipe Cookbook

The ultimate reference for rediscovering classic dishes. They cook dozens of variations of a single recipe to uncover the best version so you don't have to!

On Food and Cooking - Harold McGee

We've witnessed both culinary and food science folks alike clutching their copies of On Food and Cooking and referring to it as 'The (Food) Bible.' Granted this book speaks to a scientifically-minded audience (which we appreciate), McGee was one of the first to provide scientific explanation for traditional culinary practices.
And he's a fellow San Franciscan to boot!

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - Deborah Madison

A fantastic, non-pretentious introduction to cooking vegetables, fruits, bean and grains from the most common to those quite obscure.

A great gift for someone looking for a guide with whom to explore the world of produce.

The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition - UC Berkeley
Varieties of fruits, vegetable, grains, legumes and meats are each spotlighted with an overview of each foods qualities/nutrients (both well known facts and surprising new ones), seasonal availability, shopping and storage tips, several preparation methods and serving suggestions.

We love the nutritional info provided in such a useful serving size!

What's a Cook to Do? - James Peterson

This is the book we reach for when we think, 'How do you (fill in the blank)?
All the tips and tricks one could hope to pick up in a lifetime all in one place!
From the basic to intricate, this is the ultimate reference for kitchen techniques.

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