Serving up veggies in all of our products!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Boost Your Breakfast with Veggies!

Cooking with veggies is our specialty. Not only do we create new products based around servings of veggies, but we also cook this way at home. We challenged ourselves for an entire week to boost everything we made/prepared with veggies! While lunch and dinner are easy meals to get in those veggies, we thought we would share a few unexpected breakfast ideas you can easily make at home.

Take our 1 week veggie boost challenge! Here are some breakfast ideas:

-pumpkin pancakes, freeze and eat on school days
-yogurt parfait with pureed carrots, we especially liked this with vanilla yogurt
-oatmeal with beet puree mixed in at the end
-toast with cinnamon-sugar and pureed yam spread
-breakfast burrito with a broccoli-egg and cheese scramble
-homefries with herbs and riced cauliflower (sauté potatoes until almost cooked and throw riced   cauliflower in the pan for the last 5 minutes)
-if you can get your hands on dehydrated carrots or sweet potatoes try steeping it with your tea!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's In Our Lunchbox This Week

Here is what we will be sending in the lunchbox this week

1.    Polenta Fries- great warm or cold
This recipe is easy to add veggies to – simply stir in some broccoli or carrot puree for crispy fingers that will keep your tot going all afternoon.

2.    Roasted Veggie "Chips"
Great side to any lunch protein/sandwich. Cut raw veggies into thin rounds (sweet potatoes, zucchini or even parsnip), toss in olive oil and bake on 425 until golden, flipping halfway through bake.

3.    Riced Cauliflower Bowl
Grind down raw cauliflower until small couscous like consistency and replace half the rice with riced cauliflower in a yummy rice bowl with avocado, cheese and a little salsa.

4.    Zucchini Waffles
There are a ton of recipes on the internet to follow. We like to mix parmesan with the zucchini which helps make them a little crunchy!

5.   No-Bake Carrot Balls- something sweet
Figs or dates hold these together, loaded with shredded carrot (or parsnip or beet) and tossed in some unsweetened coconut for a tasty afternoon snack.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Us!

Last week we checked in with ourselves to see how well we had accomplished our New Years resolutions. And overall we did a great job! This week we are sharing some of our goals for 2015; small resolutions just to remind us to keep up the good work!
Here were last years’ resolutions and our grades:

Be more energy efficient at home, and learn more about how to conserve energy around the house. 
While I haven’t improved our bills (eek!), saving energy and resources is much more top of mind, and we’ve made some energy-saving home improvements around the house, like new double-paned windows and more efficient dishwasher.

Give experiential gifts for birthdays and holidays instead of “stuff.”
For my daughter, we have become much more conscious about giving experiential gifts that provide opportunities for tactile creativity. We have, however, continued to give the “stuff” to family members, so we hope to tone that down in the coming year.

Implement a daily 10minute meditation practice, even if it has to be under my desk at work.
AAA this is always one to work on everyday of every year!

Explore more podcasts for my daily commute. Hearing creative people do whatever they do best is and invigorating way to start the day! 
I have become totally addicted to Fresh Air, Here’s the Thing, and I am currently listening to season 2 of Serial! Listening to these in the solitude of my commute have been an inspiriting and reflective way to grab some “me time.”

Stand up straighter and improve my posture every day.
While I did manage to improve my posture through mindfulness and working out, I also realized how poor my posture is while sitting at work, so I want to work on that.

Quit my multi-vitamin and make sure I get all my vitamins and minerals from real fruits and vegetables.
I nailed this for 9 or 10 months this year, but have fallen off the wagon in the past few months and reverted back to vitamins. Getting back into the habit of making my lunch will help me restore the balance in the new year

Spend an hour each week being more introspective and taking the time to check in with myself.
I’ve really enjoyed this one, and it has definitely become a pretty seamless part of my life.

Tackle 3 big recipes I’ve bookmarked that have been intimidating me for ages.
While I baked my first-ever cheesecake this year, I didn’t exactly tackle any of the super intense multi-day type of intimidating recipes I thought I would. But I realize that maybe that’s ok, and I used my free time to do other things and make quicker meals with friends in order to enjoy their company in the moment.

And here are a few of our 2016 resolutions. Wish us luck!
1)Rush less. This is a big one!
2)Cook in cast iron more often. I have some great cast iron skillets that haven’t gotten much use over the years, that will hopefully change in 2016
3) Be softer on myself is a biggy this year.
4)Have weekly tea time with my tot. She loves to drink herbal tea with me. 
5) putting afternoon medications back on our 2016 list

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stay Healthy This Cold Season!

Orange juice has long been the go-to when we feel a cold coming on, but here a few other options for staying healthy this season.

Stir-fries! Why it works: Red bell peppers and broccoli both have far more Vitamin C than an orange, so tossing these colorful veggies into your dinner will keep you up and running all season, not to mention all their other beneficial nutrients!

Trail mix! Why it works: Zinc and Magnesium are essential for keeping a healthy immune system, and dried fruits are a great source of minerals. Pumpkin seeds and cashews are also one of foods highest in Zinc, so be sure those are in your homemade mix!

Chilli! Why it works: Baked beans, adzukis, chickpeas, and kidney beans are all great sources of Zinc, as are mushrooms and, surprisingly, cocoa powder, so sprinkle a little cocoa into your next batch of chilli for depth of flavor and an immune-boosting kick! Tomatoes will take care of the Vitamin C.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Potatoes get a bad reputation as empty carbs and an unhealthy vegetable, when in fact the opposite is true! In fact, 1 potato has DOUBLE the potassium of a banana, 70% of your daily Vitamin C, 30% of your daily B vitamins, AND 4 grams of protein! 

They're also incredibly versatile. From warm and hearty potato leek soup, to mashed potatoes, or even morning home fries, there are a million ways to eat these healthy, delicious tubers. The trouble comes in choosing the RIGHT potato, so we've made a quick little guide. 

Starchy: Russets or Idahos are starchier potatoes, which means they have lots of starch but tend to be drier. This results in a fluffy texture that is perfect for baking or frying or even boiling like for mashed potatoes or a baked potato bar. It also means this is not a potato that will hold it's shape very well once it's cooked, so skip it for potato salads or a potato gratin.
Waxy: Fingerling, Red, or New potatoes are waxy potatoes, with a very low starch content but a lot of moisture. They are great when you want to retain the creamy texture of a potato, as in a gratin, or home fries, or a potato salad. If you're making a soup, however, skip these ones.
All-Purpose: Yukon Golds are a good example of an all purpose potato that balances starch and moisture. They can be used in any variety of soups, gratins, mashes, or roasting, and even make pretty good fries! 

Now that you know your potato types, simply look up any heirloom variety of potato you might find at your market as starchy, waxy, or all purpose, and you'll know how to best use it! Pro Tip: If you're not sure what kind of potato you've got, slice into it. If milky white juices seep onto your knife and cutting board, it's a starchy variety. If it slices easily with no liquid coming out, it's waxy! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All about your greens!

Here at Peas of Mind, we love our dark leafy greens, especially in the winter time. With so many different greens available at the grocery store, though, we want to know what the benefits are of each type!

Kale: This trendy green is everywhere lately, and for good reason! It tops the charts on vitamins, with over 100% RDA on Vitamin C, Vitamin A, a stunning 900% of your daily Vitamin K! It has a tougher texture, however, so make sure to massage it with olive oil when eating it raw to help tenderize it, or cook it well to keep it palatable to the littlest eaters.

Collards: Collard greens take the longest to cook, but when raw make great wraps - the healthiest alternative to a tortilla. They're also one of the best sources of Calcium in greens, so they're great for kids who are not into milk.

Spinach: Spinach has the most Iron and Magnesium (good for strong bones), as well as topping the charts on fiber, potassium, and is lowest in calories. It's all the easiest to find in any region, and any grocery store, and one of the most tender and versatile greens, since it lack kale and collard's signature "bite."

Swiss Chard: Chard is the ideal compromise green. Rich in antioxidants and calcium, it has nearly the same nutrition as spinach, but with a texture that doesn't get slimy but remains far more tender than kale. This green is the most versatile in terms of cooking options, plus the stems come in kid-friendly rainbow colors!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Balance Around the Holidays!

Keeping it healthy around the holidays can be difficult, especially with all the cookies and candies and baked treats! 

Balance is the most important, so we don't feel deprived or like we're sacrificing, but here are few ways to help maintain that balance! 

Before going to a holiday party, make sure the whole family eats a decent meal with plenty of protein to prevent cookies from becoming dinner! 

Serve salad and veggies first at dinnertime, so everyone gets some extra immune-boosting vitamins in while they're appetites are peaked.

Limit treats to 1 per day and after dinner so there's no mindless grazing.

Get outside! And take the kids! There is a Norwegian saying that there such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Set a good example and go for a hike, or play catch in the park, or chase them around a local track or ice rink. They'll burn off the sweets and you'll have some screen-free family time! 

Let us know - how do you keep the balance around the holidays?