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Friday, September 17, 2010

Typical Day in the Life of Peas, Part 1: Music at HQ

We wanted to really mix it up this week by sharing some of the inner workings here at Peas HQ with you.
We’re fortunate enough to listen to music during the workday. Sometimes, one person will D.J. with universal favorites like the soundtracks for  The Darjeeling Limited, Twilight 1 or 2, etc, but we tend to ‘tune out’ here and there throughout the day based on the task at hand.

Here’s a rundown of the music that keeps me, the sales and marketing assistant, going on a typical Monday, no matter what may land on my desk or in my inbox:

  • Tuning in to Morning Edition on NPR on my commute brings me up to speed on current events and sets the stage for a thoughtful day.
  • Mondays are always busy at Peas. After a quick morning meeting, I tackle my inbox and to-do list with a bowl of cereal, hot tea, and some indie pop like Phoenix. (I know. What can I say? It’s catchy!) 
  • I’ll blast out a bunch of emails, process orders, follow-up on long-term projects, etc., with something more intense like my current favorite Pandora station, Panic Switch radio station.
  • If it’s a really crazy day, nothing gets me crankin’ like an hour of techno
  • We all wear a variety of 'hats' here at Peas. Lately, I’ve been tapping into my food science background, helping out with R&D projects, formulations, nutritional calculations, etc. For some serious number crunching or other tasks that require my complete focus, I grove to old school reggae like Toots and The Maytals. Something about the beat really clears my mind.
  • Later in the afternoon, I’ll indulge in some Nat King Cole while I tie up loose ends and re-prioritize for the rest of the week. Ending my workday with music from the 40’s, I leave the studio relaxed, renewed and ready for the evening ahead: Salvadorian food or Burmese? Indoor rock climbing or ashtanga yoga? Thai chili lime ice cream or salted caramel? San Francisco, how you spoil me.


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