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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Typical Day in the Life of Peas, Part 2: Music at HQ

Two weeks ago Tina, our Sales and Marketing Assistant, wrote a great blog about a typical Monday for her, and the music that keeps her going not matter what may land on her desk or in her inbox.

Now it's MY turn to share what music helps me tackle my days. Hopefully this blog entry won't scare anyone off :) While Monday's are exceptionally crazy around here, as the CEO of Peas, most of my days are jam packed regardless of the day of the week. I think I have about 30 radio stations programmed into my Pandora. Here are a few of my favorites to share:

I do most of the design work for Peas of Mind and love it! Whether I am working on our website or packaging or designing a sale presentation, I always end up turn to my Architecture In Helsinki radio station . The upbeat melodies keep my creativity flowing. If you haven't heard of them, check them out!

I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and actually enjoy number crunching and bookkeeping. I know that sounds crazy! To concentrate I listen to slower background type music. Since classical puts me to sleep, my version of classical music is my Milosh radio station. I recently discovered him and I just can't get enough!

For days that seem to drag on, I make myself some green tea and throw on my headphones to listen to show tunes! Headphones are a must, as I learned my lesson when my Mary Poppins radio station was blasting out of my computer one day. The looks I got were pretty strange.

I grew up on classic rock and seem to gravitate towards it when I'm feeling stressed. May be because it reminds me of my family and life as a kid, regardless my Crosby, Stills & Nash radio station gets a lot of play time during the weeks.

I would love to know the soundtrack of your life! Please post them!

*if for some reason the links are not working, just type in the name of the band in your Pandora account.

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