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Friday, March 18, 2011

New Group of Peas Fans - We Love 'em!

We've been connecting with an unexpected group of Peas fans. They're not (necessarily) parents looking for ways to get their kids to eat more veggies. They are adults who've gotten serious about eating healthy but want to eat their fries too!

Some of our newly discovered fans have amazingly inspirational stories. One example is Will. When he mentioned us on Twitter, looking for Veggie Wedgies at his local SuperTarget, we learning about his incredible weight loss journey. Photos of Will's transformation (along the right side of his blog) will knock you over! We were so excited to learn that our veggie fries have a place on Will's list of go-to foods!!!

Out of admiration and curiosity, we asked Will what the hardest part of his weight loss journey has been and here's what he wrote:

"I love food — always have and always will. But once I started trying to lose weight, I had to give up so many of the things I liked. No more McDonalds. No more cheeseburgers. No more fries. And watching everyone else enjoy what I couldn’t was hard. But then I started trying new things. Instead of a double cheeseburger from McDonalds, I got a veggie burger. And then I tried the veggie wedges after a tip from another blogger. Miraculously, I learned I could have my french fries again. Just like I learned I could change what I eat and still get the same joy I always did.

It was about finding the best way to a new me, keeping the happiness but losing the unhealthy lifestyle."

Awh, awesome, Will! Veggie Wedgies are definitely a great alternative to regular fries. See the below comparison from a previous Peas post:

We've also had dozens of emails, calls, Facebook posts and Twitter messages from Weight Watchers participants with appreciation, questions, praise, and more about Veggie Wedgies! Our Puffets (handheld meals) are already listed in the online points tracker on and our Veggie Wedgies should be posted on the points tracker within the next few weeks.

Keep up the great work, all you Watchers out there. We love being a part of your journey :)

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