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Friday, March 4, 2011

We Are Taking Our Stand

We want to take this opportunity to really discuss our company mission and take our stand. The products we make are clean, healthy and innovative!  All of our products are made as if they were made in your own kitchen. 

We use a few ingredients (like salt, sugar and fat) sparingly and let you, the consumer, decide to sprinkle salt on our fries, top our Puffets with hummus, avocado, etc., or add any number of toppings to our pizza (chili flakes for dad, etc).  That way you can control the amount of sodium and fat that you and/or your kid are eating (rather than us make that call for you).

Many of our consumers embrace the zero grams of fat and minimal salt per serving of Veggie Wedgies, or that our pizza has 50% less fat than the leading brands!
We feel it’s our  responsibility to provide the healthiest products and leave it up to our consumers to adjust to their taste.

Nutritional Highlights of Our Products
  • Pizza
    • 1/2 the fat of the leading brands of cheese pizza
    • 1.5 servings of veggie's in every pizza
  • Veggie Wedgies
    • zero grams of fat
    • minimal salt
    • no added sugar
    • allergen free
    • vegan
    • 7-8 servings of veggies in every bag
  • Puffets
    • minimal salt
    • no added sugar
    • contain organic ingredients and the 4 food groups
    • gluten free and dairy free varieties

Suggested Preparation of Veggie Wedgies
We've found that a quick spritz of cooking spray adds to the crispiness of our Veggie Wedgies. Many customers have emailed us to share the same discovery! But, for those who love the zero-grams-of-fat version, we choose to make and sell the healthiest version possible.

For those looking for extra crispiness, try this preparation:

  • Preheat a consumer oven or toaster oven to 425 degrees F (400 degrees for convection ovens).
  • Pour frozen Veggie Wedgies into a bowl. Toss while spraying with canola oil cooking spray lightly to coat.
  • Bake in preheated oven until the fries begin to brown. Shake the pan to turn fries if necessary. Bake time should be about 10-12 minutes. Veggie Wedgies are ready when most fries have some golden brown color. (Ovens vary greatly from one to the next, so be sure to keep a close eye on Veggie Wedgies as soon as they begin to brown.)
  • Salt the fries, then let cool 1 minute. Serve with ketchup.
For a jazzy twist, try our signature spice blend recipea.

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