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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wearable Art Project

Entertain your child's creative side with this easy wearable art project!
Materials needed:
  • plain white T-shirt (new or on-it's-way-out)
  • age-appropriate needle
  • spools of colored thread
For any child old enough to use a needle and thread, set them up with a plain white T-shirt (new or on-it's-way-out), an age-appropriate needle, and a bunch of colorful spools of thread. Let them go at it however they like, creating an impressionistic piece of wearable art. 

Do they start working on one of the tee's shoulders and stay there? Do they start smack in the middle, dart all over the place and back again? You will even want your own version of their signature creation! 

We'd love to see what your child does with this kind of artistic freedom. Please post their wearable art (preferably with them in it) to our facebook wall and we will send you a coupon redeemable for our products!

Words of caution:
How soon you can begin teaching a child to sew depends on the age, maturity, and patience of the child. Be sure to only teach techniques you’re already comfortable doing yourself. If you don’t know how to sew, learn the skills you need first, then teach the child. Always supervise the use of needles, pins and scissors.

 * How to Teach a Child to Sew:

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