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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How We Create

If you haven't been to our website lately than you probably haven't seen our new product which will be hitting store shelves at the end of May (May 27 to be exact). Our newest creations are called, Pull-a-Parts, and they come in two flavors: nacho and pizza.

Basically, we grind down broccoli and carrots and knead them into our signature dough. We then make little bite sized veggie dough balls and let them rise together. They are placed on top of a tasty nacho or pizza dip (which we make). Then topped off with a little cheese. Each tray contains a serving of veggies and is a great source of Vitamins and Iron!

So, how did we come up with such a unique and cool product? Let us walk you through our creative process:

First, we decide what category we want our new product to be in. For example, entrees, side items, novelties, etc. For Pull-a-Parts we were creating for the healthy snack category.

Then, we let our minds run wild while honoring what Peas of Mind stands for! We use our standards as boundaries when creating. For example: all of our products need to meet certain ingredient and nutritional standards, all of our products need to have an innovative twist to them, and our products need to contain servings of veggies!

Next, we create an inspiration board, much like fashion designers do when they create a collection. Our inspiration board contains pictures, drawings, and words of things that inspire us. Our inspiration doesn't always have to relate to food or products, it's more about the look and feel we want to convey in this new product.  The inspiration behind our new line of Pull-a-Parts was: Come Break Bread With Us! The idea of communal meals and family dinners that focus around homemade everything (from bread to butter) !

Then, we start to create! We draw, we write, we make origami! We focused in on a few ideas and develop recipes. We then test them, test them, test them and refine them, refine them, refine them. Sometimes this phase takes months, other times it take weeks, it just depends on how close we get when we start.

We then take our top picks to an exclusive panel who experience our creations and give lengthy feedback.

From there, we pick the overall favorite (or hero as we call it) and continue to refine the product until it meets our standards in order to become apart of the Peas family!  Graphics begin to get worked on at this stage, for the packaging, and the new product really starts to come alive!

We then take the product to our Alpha Group, made up of kids and their parents. We observe their experience and refine the product further from the feedback given.  All the kids we broke bread with chowed down on Pull-a-Parts. Not only did they love how great they tasted but also how fun the interactive experience was... just pull and dunk! We found their parents loved Pull-a-Parts for different reasons: for the ingredient statement, the nutritionals, and the serving of veggies in each tray! It's tough to make both kids and parents happy... but that is what we strive to do!

And that is the story of how Pull-a-Parts were born!
Let us know what you think of them when come to a store near you!

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