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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peas Pointers by Melanie Silverman

There are two reasons why my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  First, I'm about the biggest omelet and pancake fan around.  Second, breakfast provides some wonderful opportunities to insert important vitamins, minerals and fiber from fruits and vegetables.  Check out 

For optimal health; fruits and veggies must play a prominent role in our diets, and breakfast is a great way to get them in early on in the day.  Try these ideas:

1.)  EGGS:  Scramble eggs with spinach and cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms or avocado and lean ham.  

2.)  PANCAKES:  Whip up whole wheat pancakes with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds.  Add blueberries, bananas or sweet potato (Sweet potato pancakes are divine!)

3.)  SMOOTHIES:  Whirl together some milk, dates, walnuts and banana and voila, a banana date shake.  Try a banana and spinach smoothie.  Take a ripe, frozen banana, milk and a handful of raw spinach.  Yes, this smoothie is green.  No, you cannot taste the spinach.

And when you cannot think of something to eat for dinner...make breakfast!


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