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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beating the Back to School Blues

When I was a kid, the first week back to school meant early bedtimes, chaotic mornings and racing for the bus in new sneakers. It's a tough task to get back into a rigid routine after a couple months of fun in the sun and even harder when it involves waking up (extra) early to get it all going.

In an effort to kick the morning chaos to the curb as back-to-schoolers we got in the habit of getting everything -and I mean EVERYTHING- ready for the following day. We had to lay it all out so there was little to no decision making to be done in the morning. Book bags had to be packed, clothes picked out and ready to go, sports/activity equipment was practically out the door (and sometimes actually out the door) depending on how far into the season my lucky field hockey uniform went unwashed. Excessive preparations for the next day allowed us wiggle room if one of us decided to have a last minute meltdown. This way, my mom knew at the very least that most everything else was taken care of and that we would make it to school on time.

We are wondering what you do to keep ahead of the back to school rush that no doubt, some of you are going through this week and will do in the weeks to come. Any tips you can share with us and your fellow Peas fans that will help us all keep it together?

*We'd LOVE to see photos of your little ones on their first day so post 'em if you got 'em. VIPeas Passes (aka awesome coupons) for the first 4 to reply :)

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