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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anyone else feeling overbooked?

After school activities are in full swing and with all of the football, dance, trumpet lessons, math tutoring, sleep overs and Halloween parties going on we wanted to take a minute to talk about how our fall schedules are treating us. 

So many of us run around from the time we wake up until the time we get back to our pillows at night. I wondered if everyone feels as rushed as I do and how you keep from getting too penciled in An elementary school teacher (and mom of three) friend of mine jokes, "Being over booked with a lack of sleep is normal, right?  I just feel like we are all walking around exhausted." 

Curious, I checked in with one of my single (and looking) friends and asked her what her weeks look like. Turns out, she's just as packed with happy hours, dates, networking events, dinners with friends and serious gym time. A night strictly dedicated to cable t.v. is considered a, "real treat" and often times riddled with residual work and lingering house work. 

This week I'm going to schedule a week night of hanging out with my family to do something fun-just us. We are talking, pre-dusk fun times that will leave us all happy and tired from laughing so hard. Well, it's worth a try isn't it?
Do you limit the amount of sports/play dates/activities your children participate in? Is there a weekly activity that you schedule for yourself or your family? 

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