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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Demystifying Oils

Here at Peas of Mind we love to eat seasonally; this helps us stay healthy and allows us to enjoy every season to the max.  Seasonal eating in the winter means a lot of warming foods such as kale, sweet potatoes, squash, root vegetables and fat.  You heard us right; we said fat, but before you go run to the food court to get a Cinnamon bun, note that we’re talking about heart healthy plant-based oils. 

We know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming when navigating oils and trying to figure out the best option to bake with, saut√© with or to put in your salad dressings.  Because Peas of Mind is always looking to help you make your life easier and healthier we’ve decided to break things down.  We took our 6 favorite oils and made the below chart so that you can feel confident when adding these healthful oils into your diet.

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