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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fort Frydays

It's Friday, so you know what that means! FORT FRYDAYS is back and once again we're celebrating that our Veggie Wedgies are now available in military commissaries!

This week we're featuring Michelle, the awesome mom, wife and blogger behind Military Wives Savings.  If you haven't visited her website, you should check it out ASAP; she's constantly posting great deals, coupons and wonderful ways to help military families save money!

More from Michelle, this week's hometown here: 

What branch of the military is your spouse in? 
"Army. He's been in since January 2007, so a few months before we met."

How long have you been a military wife? 
"I've been a milspouse since January 2008, 2 months after we started dating. One of our mutual friends set us up on a blind date when we were at Ft Lewis, WA and we spent everyday together since that night :)"

Do you have kids? If so, what are their names and ages? 
"We have 2 and one on the way (any SECOND now LOL) ... Hailey is 4 and Clint, Jr. is 2." (We found out that a few days after Michelle sent this, she gave birth to her third child. CONGRATULATIONS MICHELLE!)

Do you or have you lived on base? Which one?
"We have never actually lived "on-post" ...It's always been off. However, we are at Ft. Bliss now and I honestly wish we lived on-post for that sense of community and family-feeling. We do not speak spanish so we really don't know our neighbors ...."

What is the best thing about base life? 
"Best thing about military life ... gotta say Tricare! I've saved about $20,000 having my two kids so far :) Seriously, I would say the sense of pride being of apart of the military. You know your spouse is doing something so selfless to defend our country and you get to share that with them. It makes me so proud to say that I'm a military spouse!"

What is your favorite food to prepare for your family? 
"Mmmmm, that has to be Chicken Cacciatore hands down. Whether it's on the stove or in the slow-cooker, it's simply delicious. It's even better the next day! The kids don't like it but hubby and I do!"

-You are on a deserted island and can only bring one thing...Go! 
"Hopefully someone is paying the internet bill back on land, so that would be my laptop with built-in wifi :) If there's no wifi, I'd bring a fishing pole for food and fun."

-Is Military wife life what you thought it would be? 
"I never thought I'd be a military wife, although I grew up as a military brat, go figure. I have to say I'm used to this lifestyle, moving every few years, having to readjust. When I was younger, I went to three high schools, and I truly can't remember some of my teachers names. It's just been a way of life for me and I don't know how to live any other way."

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