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Friday, March 29, 2013


Let's all take one big sigh of relief because it's Friday, FORT FRYDAY to be exact!  The long week has come to an end, the weekend is almost here and Peas of Mind's Veggie Wedgies are now in military commissaries; there's just so much to be happy about!  

This week we're celebrating Jessica Pomponio, a mother, wife and hometown hero living in Washington state.  Thank you for all your hard work Jessica, today is your day!  

More from this week's hometown hero, Jessica:

What branch of the military is your spouse in?
"My husband is currently a captain in the United States Army."

How long have you been a military wife?
"I have been a military wife since May but involved in the military since August 9, 2010.

Do you have kids?  
"We have one child, a daughter who is one. She was born in February."

Do you or have you lived on base? Which one?
"We currently live on base. We live in the town center on Fort Lewis."

What is the best thing about base life?
"The best thing about base life would have to be living so close to my husband's work which allows him to come home for lunch. Is the highlight of my day."

What is your favorite food to prepare for your family?
"My favorite food to prepare for my family would be pasta. My daughter just loves pasta."

You are on a deserted island and can only bring one thing...Go!
"I  would have to bring a blanket. Can be used for so many different things such as shelter and can keep you warm.

Is Military wife life what you thought it would be?
"No, I never thought much about military life. I grew up in southern California and the army isn't something you see everyday. So when my husband warned me about the life i didn't think much about it. It has its downsides but also makes you appreciate life."

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