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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Dinner Story

Here at Peas of Mind, keeping kids healthy and happy is what we do best. We like to think that we celebrate kids every day by feeding them their favorite foods while stealthily filling them up with their daily dose of veggies, but we think the time has come to celebrate the grown-ups! 

We know that at the end of the day, it's the hard working parents that (no matter how chaotic and crazy their schedule) bring the food to the table.  So we're going to celebrate you and share your story with Peas-Perspective's, A Dinner Story staring...YOU of course.  Every other week we will chose one inspirational parent to feature on our blog; you'll fill out our Actor's Studio inspired questionnaire and then receive some free (not to mention delicious and nutritious) Peas of Mind product.

So with out further adieu, we'd like to present to you (drum role please):

Staring Suzanne & Lauren

Where do you live?  
"San Francisco, CA."

What are your kid's names and ages? 
"Lauren, she'll be 8 next month."

What meal do you make that you know, no matter what, your family will devour? 
"We have a Friday night tradition of homemade pizza.  Lauren is nuts about pesto sauce, so she mans the food processor and we make up a batch to use instead of marinara; topped with nice fresh mozzarella or burrata. It's her go to now."

What's your favorite Saturday morning breakfast to enjoy as a family? 
"Our weekend ritual is "Pancake Sunday", which then morphed into Ebelskiver Sunday, and then Crepe Sunday (my sister likes to buy me kitchen gadgets for Christmas.) The all time favorite for Lauren has become crepes with Nutella, peanut butter and banana, topped with a GIANT helping of whipped cream.  She starts running around the house like a mad woman when she hears the hand mixer start up to make the whipped cream.  Sundays always start off well in our house."

What's your favorite Peas of Mind Product?  
"No surprise that the Peas of Pie is a huge hit in our house (not just with Lauren, I love them too!) We also LOVE the new Garden Grown Nuggets, Lauren thought they were chicken and had no idea she was eating a whole serving of veggies."
Lauren enjoying our Garden Grown Nuggets

How many times per week do you cook from scratch? 
"Average would be around 5 nights a week,  It coincides with school nights.  I let loose a bit on the weekends."

What's your go to "I'm feeling unhealthy and need a nutrient-power punch" meal? 
"Seafood has become a bigger part of our diet the last few years.  Lauren LOVES halibut.  A nice pan seared halibut with steamed broccoli is always a healthy winner in our house."

What kitchen tool could you never live without? 
"My steaming basket!  Lauren's favorite veggies are broccoli and artichokes.  I use that thing every time I cook dinner!"

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
"There's so much good food out there, I don't know if I could pick just one thing!  If it were up to Lauren, we'd probably go with gnocchi, in a pink sauce, with fresh grated parmigiano-reggiano.  In which case, we'd most likely need to relocate to Italy...which wouldn't be too bad."

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