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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chlorine: your hair and your skin

The summer solstice has come and gone which means we can finally say it: summer is HERE!  It’s time to put your green smoothie in a to go cup, make some chick of the sea sandwiches and head to the pool!   Now before you and your kiddos cannonball into the deep end, it’s important to take some chlorine precautions when it comes to your skin and hair.
  • Skin:  Sunscreen is not only important when it comes to protecting you from the sun; it also puts a layer between you and chlorine.  Slather on the SPF before you head to the pool so that it has time to absorb and won’t rinse off when you hit the water (we recommend a chemical-free zinc oxide sunscreen).  After your swim, rinse off (with soap if you can) and apply your favorite moisturizer, which will help combat the dryness that sets in after a soak in chlorine. 
  • Hair: Rinse your hair with tap water BEFORE you jump in (your hair is super porous and will absorb the non-chlorinated water and won’t be able to absorb the chlorinated pool water).  Once you’re finished with your swim, rinse your hair thoroughly again.  Pour one tbsp of baking soda into your hand, combine with water to make a paste then wash into your hair, as you would shampoo. Rinse out then follow with your normal hair care regimen.
  • Skin and hair:  This is a great trick if you are not able to thoroughly rinse off directly after your swim.  Before you head to the pool combine one tsp of vitamin C crystals (this can be found at your local health food store) with water in a spray bottle.  After your swim thoroughly spray your hair and body with the solution then rub the solution into your skin and “shampoo” into your hair.  Shower as usual when you are able to. 
Now go enjoy the pool and have a happy and safe summer!

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