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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Dinner Story

Happy Friday peas-ful pea-ple! You made it through the week and congratulations are in order.  To end the week and begin the weekend festivities, we've brought you A Dinner Story.  This week we're celebrating Amber Estrada, a wonderful Mom of two totally adorable kids! Get ready for Amber's awesome meal ideas as well as some great tips on how to eat healthy during the busiest of weeks. 

Three cheers for Peas!

Where do you live?
"Livermore, California."

What are your kid's names and ages?
"Adeline 3years and Antonio 1year."

What meal do you make that you know, no matter what, your family will devour?
"It’s a tie….Macaroni & Cheese (they don’t even know it has vegetables hidden in) and homemade pizza."

What's your favorite Saturday morning breakfast to enjoy as a family?
"Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, and Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins…YUM.  We try to include the kids in the cooking as much as possible, so Saturdays are great because we’re not as rushed as the weekdays and we have lots of fun together in the kitchen."

What's your favorite Peas of Mind Product?
"The entire family loves Veggie Wedgies – we devoure Broccoli, Carrot, and Apple!  When we asked which flavor was our kid’s favorite, Adeline declared she loved them all and Antonio cheered (I’ll take that as all of them as well)!  Adeline is a very picky eater so her love of Veggie Wedgies shows how fantastic they are!"

How many times per week do you cook from scratch?
"At least 4 nights a week; we spend time on Sundays prepping food for the week so we can still have healthy options with our busy schedules."

What's your go to "I'm feeling unhealthy and need a nutrient-power punch" meal?
"Salmon, Quinoa, and Brussel Sprouts."

What kitchen tool could you never live without?
"Our food processor/blender is a necessary tool used daily!"

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"Hawaiian Pizza."

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