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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn's in the air

Not so sure about your neck of the woods but this past weekend, autumn arrived!  Here at Peas HQ we are so excited to welcome the season that celebrates apple cider, root vegetables, Halloween, black cats, cinnamon flavored candles and fall foliage.   The one thing we’re NOT so thrilled about is welcoming flu/cold season. And wouldn’t you know it, before we could say “pumpkin spice soy latte” we’re sneezing, congested and sick with this season’s first bug. 

We’re hoping that the same doesn’t happened to you so we’re revisiting our Fight the Flu series from this past winter to give you tips on how to keep your immune system up, ready to fight off any bug that comes its way.
  1. Wash your hands! Suds up with warm water and soap and sing happy birthday and when you get to the final “happy birthday to yoouuuuu” you’re officially germ-free.
  2. Rest up!  This is the time of year when summer Friday’s come to an end and schedules become jam packed so it’s extra important to find time to catch up on sleep and relaxation.  Try choosing one evening a week where you and your family get to throw a peas of pie in the oven, watch a movie and go to bed early…put it in your schedule and stick to it!
  3. Start your day with a nutrient power-packed smoothie.  To get the most out of this easy morning breakfast, use Kale…as much as you can. If you can get 2 servings of greens and 2 servings of fruit in your morning breakfast you immune system will fight off any virus that tries to attack.
  4. A Walk a day keeps the doctor away! Exercising on a regular basis helps to lower stress and speed up the rate our white blood cells fight off illness; this has a major immune-enhancing effect.
  5. Take 20 minutes to enjoy the sunshine each day.  This is the last month that the sun is out past 6pm so take time to relish that vitamin D. Roll up your pants, grab a glass of water, put away your phone and breathe. 

Start off this season on the right foot by following these 5 steps and we know that you’ll make it through this fall healthy, happy and energized.

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