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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kitchen Tip: Grow your own herbs

No matter what dish you are cooking up for your family, nothing can make it extra delish like fresh herbs. Whether you want to add a pinch of minced rosemary to your pasta sauce or some cilantro to your salsa, herbs add that fresh touch that really takes it up to the next level. Dried herbs work fine in a pinch, but the brightness of fresh herbs like cilantro, thyme or mint can really not be matched. 

Sometimes herbs from the grocery store can be really overpriced and not very fresh looking or flavorful. But when you grow your own, you will have them ready for you when you need a touch of fresh flavor. They are easy to grow in small pots on your own windowsill! 
Herbs absorb a lot of moisture through their leaves, so it is great to fill a misting bottle with filtered or rainwater and use that to mist the herbs daily. When you trim them off, leave a little bit at the bottom and it will re-sprout. By continuously harvesting, you actually stimulate the plant to grow more and your herb plant can keep feeding you and your family for a long time! Just pick your favorite herb and get started. Also, fresh potted herbs look super cute on your windowsill and you and your family will notice the difference in your food!

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