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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Get your Freezer Ready for Back to School

Now is the time to enjoy the last moments of summertime R&R. Yes, school has started, but it’s not yet Labor Day, the days are still long, PTA meetings have yet to begin and the holidays are still off in the distance.  This weekend is a great time to organize your household so that come GO time (the non-stop marathon that is September, October, November and December) you’re ready!

 One of the best ways to make your life easier this Fall is to utilize your freezer so that even on your busiest nights, dinner can be hassle-free and ready in a jiff. 

Load up on your family’s favorite homemade entrees:  pack your freezer full of meals made with love by you that  also freeze well.  Our favorite frozen homemade meals are enchiladas, lasagna, soup and stew (broth based soups, as dairy based soups don’t freeze well), Peas Protein Burgers, veggie casserole and shepherds pie.  When packaging these frozen meals, make sure that they have thoroughly cooled and are loaded to the brim; too much space in the container will cause freezer burn.

Load up on premade staples:  Next time you make grains, beans or some kind of sauce, prepare extra and freeze for a rainy (busy) day.  You can use these sides as a base for a quick meal, adding fresh veggies to freshen up the dish.

Peas of Mind will save the day:  Stocking your freezer with Peas of Mind products will leave you and your little ones happy, satisfied and feeling good about the fact that you’ve all eaten your daily dose of veggies. All of our products have clean, simple ingredients loaded with FULL servings of veggies. Not to mention the fact that cook time is minimal. 

 Now is your time to utilize your nice long weekend and get your freezer back to school ready; your future self will thank you!

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