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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Food of the Month - Avocados!

Loaded with potassium (more than a banana!) and vitamin B6, avocados are our superstar food of the month. Technically, avocados are giant berries with just one seed, making them a fruit, not a vegetable. But whatever you call it, remember how good it is for you!

Alongside potassium and B6, avocados are also loaded with good healthy fats, vitamin K and folate. They are usually available organic, and about 95% of avocados in the US are grown in Southern California, especially San Diego County. More fun avocado facts.

Avocados are getting the spotlight this month because they are so versatile. Their mild flavor and rich creamy flesh go way beyond tacos. They are one of best ways to sneak veggies and vitamins into kids diets because they can be added to sweet or savory dishes. Our recipe for chocolate freeze pops have avocado in them, and they add an extra element of creaminess to blended drinks like milkshakes or smoothies. Chicken or egg salads can get a healthy boost from avocados when half the mayo is replaced by our food of the month, and avocados can also be swirled into cold summer soups to thicken them.

Now that you're dreaming up new ways to eat them, stay tuned for this month's reci-PEA for a great way to use your avocados!

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