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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Milkshakes beats all the others in the yard!

Creamy, rich, frozen milkshakes are the perfect summer treat! And we know the 4pm tummy grumbles coming from the kids in the backseat often means a stop at a fast food joint or a dairy shack, but these sugar bombs are often packed with calories, fat, and sugar, and lead to ruined appetites and cranky sugar crashes.

Our Frozen Milkshake Kits are the perfect alternative, with tons of protein, and less than half of the calories and less than half of the sugar of the leading fast food options! In fact, we did the math. First, we looked at the top 5 fast food milkshakes, and on average, they each contain a whopping 45g of sugar for just a small serving! That's over 10 teaspoons of sugar! 10 teaspoons of sugar is almost 3 times as much as the DAILY allowance for a child (4tsp per day recommended)! Just imagine 11 sugar cubes stacked up - no one would ever let their kids eat 11 sugar cubes! To compare, Peas of Mind Frozen Milkshakes have just 19g of sugar, and that sugar comes from all natural greek yogurt and fruit!

On top of the sugars, leading fast food milkshakes are crazy high in calories! They average out to 410 calories in a milkshake, or just over 1/4 of a child's calories for the ENTIRE day! In contrast, our chocolate milkshakes, loaded with a full serving of vegetables, have 200 calories. That's less than half! 

We did the math, which is why we created this new product. Our Frozen Milkshake Smoothie kits are the smart, healthy, convenient alternative to those warm weather sweet tooths! Peas of Mind is proud to offer these with a clean label - just 5 ingredients. Find them in your freezer aisle or ask your grocer to start carrying them so you and your family can have a healthy, happy Summer!

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