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Thursday, April 9, 2015

They're HERE!

We’ve been working really hard…

To bring you our newest product, SMOOTHIE KITS! And of course, they aren’t just smoothie kits. Instead, we developed a frozen kit that takes the guesswork out of your smoothies by packing it with a full serving of fruit, sure, but also a FULL SERVING OF VEGETABLES in each kit!

On top of full fruit and veggie servings, each smoothie has 10g of protein!  The protein comes from an all-natural Greek yogurt we use that also makes our smoothies incredibly creamy.

So creamy, that we realized they taste more like milkshakes than anything else! So we ran with it and developed a chocolate, a vanilla, and strawberry flavor that each blend up into creamy, sweet, cold treats that you can feel good about giving your kids.

The best part is that they’re endlessly customizable! Choose any type of milk for your family and your diet, or add in a scoop of nut butter or a handful of spinach if that’s your thing!

Find them later this month in the freezer aisle, and pick up a kit! Each one makes 2-9oz smoothies and includes everything you need to just tear open the bag, pour the real fruit and veggies and yogurt chips into your blender, splash in some milk, and a quick whir of the blender later you have a foolproof milkshake that is actually good for you!

We can’t wait to hear what you think so give them a try and then give us a shout!

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