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Monday, January 9, 2017

Partial to Peas!

We know how challenging it can be to get your kids to eat their greens. As a parent, I am sure you are happy when they just eat anything green, but not all greens are created equal. We have created this comparison chart showing how different green veggies stack up against each other.

Our chart is based on consuming 1/2 cup of each vegetable in raw form. Clearly, green peas are the BIG WINNER followed by asparagus and kale.

Cooking vegetables doesn't always have a negative impact on their nutrition. There are some vegetables, that when cooked, may gain more than they loose.

Asparagus is a good example of this. When cooked (particularly boiled or steamed) asparagus supplies more antioxidants than in its raw form. Cooking does break down and destroy Vitamin C, but Vitamin C can be easily supplemented from fruit or daily vitamins, so it's worth it!

Look for our next blog post on which veggies are best to eat raw or cooked!

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