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Friday, May 27, 2011

Highlight of the Week

It's been awfully busy around Peas HQ lately. Woo hoo, gettin' it done here in the house of PEAS!

Taking a luxurious, deep breathe and a moment to read the glowing (unsolicited, we swear!) review of our cheese pizza on ducttapeweddingring was the clear highlight of our week, so we wanted to share it with you.

Here's the taste portion (below) of the review, but do check out the full review and also keep up with ducttapeweddingring for the honest yet super playful comic relief that we're totally hooked on!

"This was the best frozen pizza — bar none — that I’ve ever hadEverSeriously. (I’m out of easy ways to add emphasis. Damn.) The crust, after about 10 minutes in the oven at 425 degrees, came out perfectly crispy (like most other decent pizzas, sure) but the taste was what really put this thing into a realm of it’s own. Know how there’s carrots and whatnot baked into the crust? Well, you’re not going to taste them (sorry if that’s disappointing) as what you’re going to taste is a golden wheat crust lightly brushed with olive oil. Really. If you know someone that abhors carrots, this is the best way to sneak ‘em by them. The sauce is an absolute treat — it tastes like actual tomatoes and not some sugary, ketchup gloop. And the cheese…my goodness, the cheese. For a light mozzarella, it was sharp and full of flavor, and it really made the pizza pop.
I don’t say this lightly or with any measure of hyperbole. This seriously was the best frozen pizza I have ever had — and I didn’t feel like crap after I ate it."

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