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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pack These in Your Children's Bento Box

You will be the coolest mom during lunchtime when you pack your child one of our 'multi-sandwiches' in their lunchbox. Little will they know that there was much thought put into your sandwich choices as each sandwich provides an important nutrient for a successful school day; iron for heathy blood cells, protein for muscles, veggies for health and wellness, B vitamins for brain function. 

Make each of these 4 sandwiches on Sunday, cut them in quarters, and put the multi-sandwich together by picking one quarter of each of the unique sandwiches. (yields 4 lunches)

The Multi Sammy

Iron (Waldorf Tea Sandwich)
• Cream cheese
• Leftover cooked chicken
• Sliced apple (drizzled with lemon juice)
• Walnuts

Protein (Curried Tuna Tea Sandwich)
• Canned tuna
• Plain yogurt (instead of mayo)
• Mustard
• Curry powder
• Raisins

Veggies (Egg Salad Tea Sandwich)
• Asparagus Pesto (see reci-pea below)
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Havarti cheese

B Vitamins (Halava-Banana Tea Sandwich)
• Slice of Halava (sesame butter confection)
• Sliced banana
•Drizzle of honey

Asparagus Pesto
• 1 bunch of asparagus
• 1-2 TBL lemon juice
• 2 TBL chopped basil
• 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
• 2 TBL of reserve water from steamed asparagus
• salt/pepper to taste

Wash asparagus and trim off the woody ends. Chop into thirds and put into a steamer for about 5 minutes, until tender-crisp. Drain the asparagus and reserve 2 TBL of the steaming water. Put asparagus, lemon juice, basil, parmesan cheese, and asparagus water into a food processor and pulse until a rough puree forms. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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