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Friday, July 8, 2011

Beyond the Compost Part II

The big bags of carrots were on sale, cucumbers were 2 for $1... such great deals... you get home and realize you totally overbought. What do you do?

We're always on the look out for more ways to reduce food waste at home. Learning from our own experience and reading about how other bloggers approach the issue, a proactive stance (recognizing an overabundance of a food before it turns the corner) offers the best results.

Here are the tricks on our current hit list:
abundance or wilted herbs -> pesto for pasta or potatoes, or freeze
abundance of cucumbers, beets, onions, lemons -> make pickles
abundance of oranges, carrots, celery... -> juice 'em
spinach, other produce -> blanch/cook it, then freeze it
leftover spaghetti -> bulk up a frittata
nuts -> make a spread, butter or dip

Here are some tricks to go beyond the compost by utilizing your scraps:
onions & carrot peels, ends and other scraps -> freeze for stock making
rind from hard cheeses -> freeze for soups (adds a salty bite)
citrus peels -> send down garbage disposal to clean/freshen it

Share the extra:
Another great tip for dealing with overbuying or overmaking is to share it. Invite an old friend over for dinner or take that loaf of banana bread (that those overripe bananas made) over to your neighbors.

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