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Friday, July 15, 2011

Indoor Herb Garden, Part 2: Storage

This post is a continuation of an earlier post called, Indoor Herb Garden, More Than We Bargained For. Here is an update of our herb garden:

The gang of pesky little flies that accompanied our herb garden while indoors was too much to take, so we relocated it. It's now in a backyard in the sunniest neighborhood of San Francisco (if such a thing exists!! We finally saw the sun yesterday after a long streak of foggy-and-in-the-50's days.)

The herbs don't seem bothered though. Look how they've grown!

Thyme, basil and parsley... oh my! And the bug problem went away, thankfully.

Great Way to Store Fresh Herbs
Whether we buy herbs from the market or accidentally pick too many from the garden, here's how we like to store our fresh herbs to get the longest life out of them.

Holding the stem ends, rinse the herbs under water to remove any dirt, then shake the bunch gently to remove the bulk of the water. Trim the stem ends a couple of inches, up to where the useful leafy parts begin (just to save space later). Using paper towels (or dish towels), pat each stalk of herbs very dry; be thorough!

Then, lay a couple dry paper towels out, overlapping each other slightly. Arrange the herbs in a single layer with the stem ends along one edge of the towels. Fold the excess towel over the leafy ends of the herbs. 

Starting at one end, roll up the towel-wrapped herbs, and store in a bag or container in the fridge. They should last a week or longer.

Have you been growing your own herbs or other foods this summer? Have any storage tips to share?

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