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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Road Trip: Cooking in the Woods

Hi all! It's Tina here at Peas HQ, about to take off on a road trip up the Pacific Coast, camping along the way. But what will I be eating? Here's a look at the travelin' kitchen:
  • the 'pantry' milk crate
    • pancake mix
    • instant oatmeal
    • tea, coffee, and cocoa
    • canned goods
    • olive and vegetable oils
    • balsamic
    • sea salt and pepper
    • crackers
    • nuts
  • the 'kitchen' milk crate
    • camping stove
    • pot with lid
    • pan with lid
    • can opener
    • vegetable peeler
    • wooden spoon
    • small knife (with blade guard)
    • cutting board
    • utensils
    • mugs
    • roll of paper towels
    • ziplocks
  • the 'fridge' (2 cubic foot cooler)
    • milk
    • OJ
    • room for produce and cheese purchased on the drive
I'll be passing several farm stands along my route, so I'm ready to make farm fresh salads for lunch (with nuts and cheese for protein) and my favorite dinner outdoors, Thai curry! With just a few pantry items on hand (curry paste, coconut milk, and rice) most any vegetables from a farm stand can be used to make a Thai curry.

If you're traveling with kids, let them choose the veggies for dinner. Carrots, tomatoes, any summer or winter squash or potatoes, onions... whatever looks good. Make the curry extra kid-friendly by adding a small, drained can of pineapple bits to sweeten it up.

Here is my Thai Curry reci-pea: Saute the curry paste, a little oil, and your veggie for a few minutes. Add the full can of coconut milk and simmer until veggies are tender.  Just before serving, add canned pineapple if you are using. Everything tastes better in the woods, so no need to be particular!

Have you been camping/road tripping this summer? What are your favorite meals to make while camping? Any special gear or ingredients that you love to have out in the woods?

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