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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flavored Cubes

Upgrade the standard ice cube this summer with any of our Flavored Cube Reci-peas. Not only do they look pretty but as the cubes dissolve, they will flavor your drink with a refreshing herbal taste! So skip the slice of lime in your sparkling water and add these flavored cubes instead!

Lime Mint Cubes
• lime juice
• mint leaves
• water
• ice cube tray

Blueberry Thyme Cubes
• blueberry juice
• thyme leaves
• water
• ice cube tray

Watermelon Basil Cubes
• pureed watermelon
• basil leaves
• water
• ice cube tray

Peach Rosemary Cubes
• pureed peach
• rosemary leaves
• water
• ice cube tray

Mix the juice or fruit together with water in a bowl. Your fruit juice to water ratio is completely up to you depending on how concentrated you would like your cubes to be. Pour your flavored water mixture into an ice cube tray. Add some herbs into every cube, arranging in a decorative way. Freeze!


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