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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reinventing the Classics

Who loves pizza and fries!? WE DO!
Often times people ask us about our process for creating our products so we thought we'd take a minute to explain how we do what we do. Here at Peas of Mind, Reinventing the Classics is our brand strategy and in our eyes, all food has the potential for being healthy, so the sky is the limit.

Getting started: We imagine our all time favorite foods; the classics done in a tasty and healthy way; prepared so that we can feel good about serving it to our families and ourselves. Depending on how much time we spend dreaming of food, this step can take a while :)

Moving right along: Take the classic and make it HEALTHY. This requires endless hours in the test kitchen tweaking, baking, tasting and finalizing the recipe. Vegetables tend to be tough for parents to feed their kids so we focus on delivering them in yummy and easy-to-eat foods. When creating products, our priorities are nutritional stats, taste and feel-good-ability, meaning; do we absolutely love this product or do we need to add some more TLC?

Lastly, Eat Peas! After the final recipe has been endlessly tested and tasted we roll into production and get it on the shelves for all of our lovely Peas lovers to enjoy.

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