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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peas Pointers by Melanie Silverman

After school activities are a fun way for our little ones to get exercise, build team spirit and get outside to play with their friends. Needless to say, the heat is still on! Let's make sure our kids stay hydrated.  Children need the same amount of water as adults (about one quart for every 1000 calories they expend), but trying to track calories is difficult and is not my idea of a good time.  You don't need to chase your kid around the playground or pool forcing swigs of water either. A much better approach is two pronged:  First, allow your child's thirst be the guide and second, offer water or milk at regular meals and snacks.   (An exception to this is for infants who should not drink water. Breast milk or formula provides plenty of hydration during the hot summer months) You can also make sure your child is urinating every few hours.   And did you know the fruits and vegetables also provide a source of hydration?  They do!  So get out there and enjoy the rest of summer with your kids.  Just make sure water, fruits and vegetables are part of it.


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