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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paying Gratitude and Giving Thanks

On this 9/11, in our Tuesday morning meeting we started talking about the importance of today and how we were all feeling. No doubt, it's a hard day for many of us to get through. As we continued reflecting, our discussion turned into a sharing session about what we are grateful for. Here were some of the thoughts that came out from our circle of gratitude, what are you grateful for?

Ranibow Grocery for their bulk section, so I can buy my tea in bulk
Hot water because there is nothing better than a hot shower after a stressful day
Music but specifically, Arcade Fire
Being able to feel loved and give love
The 4 seasons...each one brings newness and the hope of a better tomorrow
Iced Coffee
Our Freedom
Eating dinner with my family
The internet
My education and how empowered it makes me feel
Jill's cousin, Major Evan Gotkin, coming home from Afghanistan last week

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