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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preventative measures for healthy eating and the Military's concerns with childhood obesity

Here at Peas of Mind we have always focused on creating healthy and innovative food for growing kids. Foods like traditional pizza and fries are quick, easy and fun to eat however, when you look at the ingredients and calories there is no wonder America's youth is suffering from obesity. In an excerpt from an article featured in the Huffington Post today, it appears the Military is also deeply concerned about childhood obesity and its long term affects on their recruiting efforts. 

"The folks that are going to enter the military in 2025 are in school right now. So it's up to us to ensure that when those children reach the age of between 17 and 24 that they are ready or eligible to join the military," Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Norman Seip, told Reuters.(1)

Making sure that we feed our kids nutrient-rich foods and encourage regular physical fitness is our first defense against childhood obesity. Do you have any "house rules" with regards to food or physical fitness? What are ways that you ensure your family gets the exercise it needs to stay heart healthy? 

(1) Huffington Post 9/25/12


  1. Well, I'm health conscious without being too strict. My "house rules" for the kids and myself (hubby's a little stubborn) are listed in no particular order of importance:

    1. Split one soda between two people, once a day.
    2. Vegetables or salad required with every dinner.
    3. Fast food limited to 0-2 times a week.
    4. Drink water or milk when thirsty.
    5. Blend fruit and yogurt smoothies instead of scooping ice cream.

    Those are a few "rules" I could think of without overwhelming the post. What are your "house rules"?

  2. Great "rules" Chamois, thanks for sharing. Great idea about splitting soda's.
    I polled our office and these are our "house Rules":
    -proper portion size
    -pan spray instead of butter or oil
    -fat free milk
    -brown rice
    -whole wheat breads and pasta
    -drink water when thirsty
    -something green at both lunch and dinner
    -exercise at least 3 days a week
    -tea with honey for dessert
    -frequent stretching breaks throughout the day