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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shopping for Frozen Foods

Last night, while I was at the grocery store strolling around trying to find inspiration for what to make for dinner I took a turn into the freezer section and started looking for healthy options. I looked around and noticed the frozen section was packed with people searching the cases and wondered about my fellow shoppers' grocery habits. Admittedly, given the products we make here at Peas of Mind I am partial to the frozen section so maybe I'm not the best gauge but generally, as a consumer, I find myself in the frozen section about once a week. There are so many healthy choices to choose from these days in the freezer section that I find it fun to check out new brands, what ingredients they feature and the flavors offered. For me, vegetables, overall ingredient list and convenience  are always my primary concern when choosing something to bring home for my family, what do you look for in a frozen food? How often do you shop in the frozen food section?

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