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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What are you going to do with all of those delicious hand picked apples?

It is officially fall time and over here at Peas HQ we have apple picking on the brain! How much fun is it to get friends and family together and stock up on sweet, juicy apples that you pick yourself? Here in Northern California apples are ready for the picking from August to November (check out this Seasonal Produce Guide to see when apples are in season for your area.) Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner and apple pie is a staple at the table, how do we get our handpicked apples to last for the next 2 months?

The trick:
Peel your apples, core and slice them. Dip the sliced apples in lemon juice to prevent discoloring. Place the apple slices in plastic freezer containers or zippered plastic bags. Place in the freezer. They will keep in the freezer for about a year. To thaw, place in refrigerator over night and while still cold, use in your favorite baked apple recipe.

Happy apple picking everyone!

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