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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kitchen Staples that will give you Peas of Mind!

Here at Peas of Mind we’re always trying to find simple and quick ways to eat healthy.  Over the years we’ve found a few kitchen staples we like to always have in our fridge, freezer and pantry and thought it was about time to share them.  These ingredients are not only cost effective they are also totally versatile and can be used in dozens of different ways for quick, nutritious and satisfying meals. 

Quinoa: This ancient grain is a complete protein and super easy to make.  It takes half the time of white rice to cook and has a nice nutty flavor that can be used in place of rice, in soups and as the base of a salad. 
Quinoa Pasta:  An absolutely delicious gluten free pasta option PLUS it’s a protein powerhouse. It cooks up in under ten minutes which means that while your pasta is boiling you can heat up some marinara sauce, add some finely chopped kale, sliced mushrooms and fresh herbs and you have a deliciously complete meal in under 15 minutes. 
Garbanzo beans: Whether you choose to call them garbanzo beans or chickpeas they’ll always be PACKED with calcium and fiber. By adding these to a salad, a veggie-stir fry or using a blender and puree them into hummus you’re making sure that you get a major dose of protein and ensuring that you’ll feel nice and full.
Coconut Oil: We are using coconut oil in place of butter in baking, pan-frying with it and using it as our starter oil when cooking garlic and onion for any dish.  It’s been shown to help the body absorb vitamins, fight off viruses and reduce inflammation not to mention the fact that it’s buttery and delicious! And even though it's not the cheapest of oils, a little goes a long way.
Oats: Besides the obvious breakfast porridge, oats can be used in many different "non-breakfast" ways. Sub oats in place of flour in cookies and crisps, cook into a savory porridge with herbs and mushrooms then cut it into squares and pan fry it with coconut oil for a delicious savory polenta like side dish and  use as a healthy option to crust fish in.

Frozen Brown Rice: This is our favorite “I’ve got NO time to cook” grain option.  It takes 3 minutes to heat up, can be found at Trader Joe’s for under $4 and is totally nutritious. 
Veggie Wedgies, Peas of Pie and Pull-a-parts: We always have our freezer stocked with Peas of Mind product because you never know when you’re going to need a meal in under 10 minutes and how great is it that you’re feeding your family their favorite foods and sneaking in all the goodness that comes along with veggies.

Lemons: Lemons are packed with vitamin C and have been known to reduce heartburn by alkalizing acid in the body.  Lemons also help your body absorb iron so adding a squeeze of lemon to your veggies, fish and sauces is not only fresh and tasty but it's also really good for you.
Fresh Herbs: Fresh herbs can bring your color-less leftovers to life, add fresh and bold flavors to simple meals and are packed with a surprising amount of vitamins and minerals.  
Apples: This time of year is a great time to always have apples on hand.  They are a great snack (apples and peanut butter tops the list as one of our all time favorite snacks) cut up and topped with oats, coconut butter, sugar and cinnamon to make a super quick and yummy apple crisp or toss in a smoothie for added sweetness and fiber. 
Kale: This is one of the most vitamin packed foods you can eat (I’m pretty sure Popeye was eating Kale not Spinach all those years).  Whether you’re adding it to your smoothies, stir-frying it with oil, lemon, salt and pepper, subbing it for lettuce in a sandwich, finely chopping it and sneaking it into your pasta sauce or adding it into your homemade pesto, it’s an incredible food to add into you and your family’s diets. 

The following are some honorable “kitchen staple” mentions:  black beans, pecans, peanut butter, sesame seeds, olive oil, frozen fruit, canned tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pan spray and tofu.

So add these items to your shopping list and get creative in the kitchen. We'd love to hear about any recipes that you come up with using our kitchen staples, feel free to comment below.

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