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Friday, March 15, 2013


TGIFF stands for Thank goodness it's FORT FRYDAY.  After a one week hiatus, Fort Frydays are back to bring in the weekend.  As you know, we're celebrating that military families can now buy our non-fat, vegetable loaded Veggie Wedgies in military commissaries!

This week we're celebrating Kristine Schellhaas, the founder of USMC Life, hometown hero and military wife.  USMC Life is an incredible resource for Military families;  providing an overview of every major Marine Corps base focusing on specific base information, military housing and photos, schools, youth programs and sports. It's got everything!  Thanks for everything you've done for military families, Kristine, you truly deserve a celebration and some yummy veggie fries of course.

More From This Week's Hometown Hero, Kristine Schelhaas:

How long have you been a military wife?
"We have been a military family for almost eleven years. I first met my Marine at the age of nineteen; we dated for six years before we married in 2002.  We have two kids: my big second grader who is eight, and my pre-k darling who is four. My husband and I met in our hometown of Boise, Idaho in college where most of our family lives today."

What made you start your website, USMC Life?
"I kept thinking about how Marine wives needed a place to go online to find out more about the Marine Corps. It really takes a few years to get to know the area, so what happens if you don’t know someone to ask advice from? I started asking friends to participate and give me feedback on the major Marine bases and voila, USMC Life was born three years ago. I added a blog last year to add a new element to the site so people could relate to other people’s military and family life."

Do you or have you lived on base? Which one?
"I love base living. When we first were stationed at Camp Pendleton, we chose to live off base because my husband wanted to get a break from the Marine Corps. I was pretty lonely because I was away from the community. We decided to move on base after my husband returned from deployment and I have loved every minute of it. We currently are back living on Camp Pendleton!"

What is the best thing about base life?
"The community hand’s down. I love our neighborhood. Everyone is so great about supporting each other, keeping an eye out for one another’s kids, bringing each other meals, joining together in events and more."

What is your favorite food to prepare for your family this time of year?
"Something about winter just screams comfort food. I love to buy vegetables in season and cook up a great soup or chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes."

You are on a deserted island and can only bring one thing...Go!
"My husband! He would take control and make sure everything is okay. Plus if anyone knows survival stuff, he's the perfect guy for the job."

Is Military wife life what you thought it would be?
No. I really didn’t know what to expect from military life. I had this idea that we would be living a glamorous life, traveling the world, and living these great adventures. This is partially true, but it gets pretty lonely and stressful at times. The best part is building the community around each other and making each other’s lives better."

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