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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Dose of Water

If you haven’t noticed, here at Peas of Mind we LOVE taking classic food your kid just can’t get enough of and turning it into something nourishing and natural that your kids still can’t get enough of.  But we must admit, there’s one thing that we just won’t change, something that needs no re-invention and is perfect just the way it is: WATER!  
Good ol’ H2O is one of the most important things we put into our bodies, especially during the warm summer months.  Did you know that according to WaterCure, you should drink about half your body weight in ounces?  Meaning, if your child is around 60 lbs she should be consuming 30 ounces of water (about four glasses).  But don’t feel overwhelmed about getting 30 ounces of H20 into your little one - we’re here to help you find new and exciting ways to encourage your kids to drink their daily dose of pure hydration.
  • Silly straws are hilarious and oh so fun for your kids; they can take a plain glass of water and turn it into playtime. Plus, now a days your options are endless - with straws ranging from “build your own” leggo type straws to silly straw eyeglasses. The straw possibilities are infinite so find one that speaks to your child and use it only for water. 
  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: get your kids into the kitchen and yes this even pertains to something as simple as water.  Why not utilize summer’s seasonal fruit and help your kiddos create a fruit potion (ie: water with smashed up fruit)? Don’t add sugar, this potion is just a simple mixture of water and their favorite fruit combination. 
  • Let them pick their own water bottle.  Like silly straws, there are endless options of different water bottle choices – let your kids pick a water bottle that you can take one the go, that’s theirs and theirs alone and that will seem just as awesome as getting a soda.  (Don’t forget to look for water bottles that claim to be BPA free).
  • Knowledge is power and don’t worry, we’re well aware that explaining the benefits of proper hydration to your six year old will bore them to tears.  But challenging them to the take the “pee test” might add some exciting competition to water drinking.  Explain that when they’re not drinking enough water their urine is yellow and what healthy hydrated urine is clear.  If there pee is clear they’ve passed the “pee test.”

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