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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Frozen Files

The freezer can be an incredible time saver when it comes to preparing healthy meals for your family.  As you know, that’s were you can find our Peas of Pie, Veggie Wedgies, Pull-a-Parts and our Garden Grown Nuggets but what other tasty treats are best kept in your freezer?  This week’s Peas Perspective is here to help you make the most of your freezer space so that you can save both time and money. Did you know that a stocked freezer uses less energy (which costs less) then an empty freezer?  When a freezer is full less air is needed to circulate thus requiring less power.  Let’s get your freezer stocked with healthy goodies so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying nutritious meals with your family!

Think smoothie - most things that you put in your morning smoothie are perfect for your freezer when kept in air tight bags and containers.  Stock up on inexpensive seasonal fruit at your farmers market, wash it and prep it for your blender then freeze it so you can enjoy later in the month. Fantastic Frozen: peaches, berries, mango, banana (peeled), pineapple and kale.  Do not freeze: spinach, lettuce, citrus (but you CAN freeze citrus juice and zest) cantaloupe and cucumber.

Think Soup – making a HUGE pot of soup on your day off and freeze it in individually sized containers; this a great way to ensure that you and your family always has a quick lunch for those busy weekdays.  Fantastic Frozen: vegetable soups with grains, beans or meat (ie: soups with a broth or pureed vegetable base).  Do not freeze: dairy based soups (ie: chowders or soups with a lot of butter and cream) tend to breakdown and curdle when re-heated .

Think your family’s favorite entrée – does your family completely devour your homemade enchiladas? Well make twice as much, break it down into small containers, fill to the brim (a half-full container can get freezer burn) and thoroughly seal. Fantastic frozen: rice, quinoa, beans, sauces (marinara, ratatouille, chili), tofu, chicken and beef. Do not freeze: anything with avocado, yogurt sauces, sour cream, anything freshly fried, sauces made with flour and mayonnaise.  

What are your favorite freezer meals? (Besides Peas of Mind’s products of course.)

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