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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making Valentine's Day MAGIC!

Holidays are pure magic when you’re a kid, but once you become an adult you find yourself thinking at 4:30pm on February 14th, "wait a minute, today is Valentine’s DAY!?"  We’re here to help you bring the magic back in a fun and simple way. 

First things first, heart shaped food is an easy way to take a normal meal and make it a feast good enough for St. Valentine himself. Try our reinvented Chocolate and Strawberries recipea and have fun showing your little ones how you can transform their favorite foods into their favorite shapes.

Make a Valentine’s Day lantern! One of the best parts of Halloween is making a jack-o-lantern then lighting them up. Why not have the same kind of fun on Valentine’s Day? Simply save a few large jars (a pasta sauce jar works perfectly), remove the label and cut up pieces of different colored tissue paper.  Make a mixture of water and Elmer’s glue and paint the mixture onto the jars and stick on the tissue paper (just put one layer of tissue paper so that the candle light can shine through).  When the jar is completely covered with paper paint a layer of the glue mixture over the entire jar and let dry over night.  On Valentine’s night, put candles in all of the jars and enjoy the magic that is the Valentine’s Day Lantern.

Leave love notes EVERYWHERE! This is the one-day where you can fully express all that parental love so let it burst out of you! A heart written with lipstick in the morning on your daughter’s mirror, a note by her breakfast, in her lunch box and hidden in her coat pocket. Enjoy the fact that you can be as gushy and lovey-dovey as you want.
Here’s hoping that this Valentine’s day is full of love, magic and of course some PEAS OF MIND!

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