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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keep it Clean

This January we made some "keep up the good work" resolutions and we're happy to say that we're sticking with them.

One thing that has been so easy to stick to was our resolution of taking ten minutes every night before bed to tidy up.  It's become part of our nighttime routine: we pack lunch for the next day, pick up for ten minutes, brush teeth, wash face, etc.  This has not only improved our mornings but it's also made our weekends better as our usual major weekend clean up has  become a simple clean up, dust off sort of thing as opposed to picking up major messes all over the house from the week.  This resolution was inspired by Gretchen Rubin's, The Happiness Project which is a fabulous read and we highly recommend the book and the blog and found that it really did help us find simple ways to add joy to our lives. 

The idea behind the "evening tidy up" is that you take 10 minutes to pick up around your house. This doesn't include any big projects like organizing cupboards or vacuuming, it's a simple nighttime routine of putting things back where they go.  We encourage you to get your kiddos involved as getting them to pick up a few things in the evening is probably a lot easier then the dreaded "clean your whole room" demand.  

An evening tidy up can make your kitchen go from this:

To this in less then 10 minutes: 
We have a feeling that an evening tidy up will give you some Peas of Mind!

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