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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Food of the Month - Carrots!

This month we're feasting on CARROTS! Not only are carrots important ingredients in our carrot Veggie Wedgies, Peas of Pie, Garden Grown Nuggets and Pull-a-Parts - they're healthy, delicious and very versatile.  Carrots are in season this time of year so check out your local farmers market or grocer to explore the wide range of different types of carrots; we have a feeling your little ones will LOVE eating Kaleidoscope carrots which come in purple, red, yellow and white.

Carrots are a perfect fridge staple as they can be served hot or cold, used in savory or even sweet dishes.  One trick to ensuring that your family enjoys the array of carrots you'll be serving this spring is to experiment with different types of cuts. Here are some time saving tips on different ways to cut carrots:  Currently, our favorite way to eat a carrot is by peeling the whole thing. This spaghetti like cut is great for salads as it adds crunch but blends in nicely with lettuce greens, it looks beautiful and tastes really good with light spring inspired dill dressings!

Carrots ARE good for your eyes; they're loaded with vitamin A which is good for the immune system and of course vision. It also helps the lungs, heart and kidneys function properly.  Carrots also contain a large amount of Vitamin K which can help against blood clots, cancer and heart disease. 

Have you every tried adding carrots to your families favorite meals? We love adding carrots to pancakes, marinara sauces, muffins and meat balls.  The secret is in the finely chop (or simply use a food processor) to get the carrots down to an unnoticeable size.  And remember, the perfect side dish for your carrot infused meat balls are Peas of Mind's carrot fries. Your little one's plate will be LOADED with vitamin A and we promise, dinner will be scarfed down before you can say CARROTS ARE MY FAVORITE SPRING VEGETABLE!

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