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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get our perspective!

Here at Peas of Mind we love figuring out ways to make parent's lives easier and more fulfilling. We make all natural frozen food that's loaded with veggies and quick to prepare so that Moms and Dads don't have to worry about their picky eaters not getting enough veggies. We love providing recipes that take classic "kid food" and reinvent it so it's loaded with veggies; we're always trying to practice stealth health.  This month we decided we wanted to hear from you and provide our perspective on your questions.  So write in and we'll give you our Peas Perspective on how to make your kids healthier and happier at the kitchen table!

Our VERY first question is from Suzanne from San Jose, CA.  She asks: How do I get my daughter to eat more protein? She has a major sweet tooth and I'm always trying to find creative ways to add protein from real foods to her favorite foods.

This is a great question Suzanne and the truth is we could ALL benefit from adding more protein into our diet!

Our favorite protein rich foods that lend themselves to sweeter dishes are: nuts, nut butters, chickpeas (tahini sesame seed butter) and quinoa.  A great way to start your daughter's day is by making her a sweet quinoa porridge. Any grain porridge is healthy and delicious but quinoa is a complete protein that contains about 7g per serving; it's is simple and easy to make and you can make it to her liking by adding her favorite flavors like berries, maple syrup or chocolate.  A sprinkle of almond meal will take it to the next level protein wise and she'll never be the wiser.

Now that it's stone fruit season try making a fruit crumble and changing up your favorite crumble recipe by replacing the oil or butter with tahini and ground up nuts.  It will have the same crunchy, buttery flavor that we all expect from a sweet crumble but with good fats and lots of protein.

Chickpeas are a great protein rich snack and an easy way to make these beans "sweet tooth" approved is by roasting them so that they're crunchy.  Simply mix drained chick peas with honey, cinnamon and any of your favorite sweeteners or spices and roast on parchment paper for 45 minutes on 375 degrees. Then end result is a sweet and crunch snack that your daughter will devour like popcorn.

We'd love to feature your question next month! Simply email with your question, name and the city you're from and we'll give you our Peas Perspective!

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