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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November: A Whole Month of Gratitude

For most people, the month of November is all about Thanksgiving and revolves around mashed potatoes, family, football and giving thanks. Here at Peas of Mind HQ, we decided it's time to REALLY give thanks so we are declaring the month of November a month of gratitude. Yes it's true, we're making it our goal to give thanks and express gratitude everyday this month, instead of right before we feast on turkey and stuffing. 

Studies show that people who practice gratitude daily have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, more energy and are overall happier. Our thinking is why practice gratitude just once this month when we can practice it every day?!? 

If you've spent anytime on pinterest this month you know that there are an array of activities you can do to encourage your family to express their gratitude but we think the easiest and most enjoyable way to do this is by making a gratitude jar. 

Making a gratitude jar is simple: take a used/empty old jar (at least a large pasta sauce size or larger). Wash and clean it out thoroughly. If you feel like getting creative, feel free to decorate the jar with your little ones using mod podge/glitter/tissue paper/paint but a plain jar works just as well. Place the gratitude jar with a small pad of paper and pen in an easily accessible location in your house (ie: kitchen counter, coffee table, et cetera).   At the end of the day (perhaps when everyone gets home from work/school or before dinner), everyone in the family writes something they are grateful for on a small piece of paper and puts it in the gratitude jar. Encourage your family to write from the heart, it can be something amazing that happened that day or just something simple and small that brought a smile to their faces.  At the end of the month, sit together as a family and share some or all of the notes. Not only is this an exercise that will help you express gratitude at the end of the month (around Thanksgiving) it will allow you and your little ones to take time every day to feel gratitude and after a month of this, you’re bound to see results!

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