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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Easy Extra Veggies!

We hate to waste food, especially in the dark winter when it can seem like gorgeous vibrant vegetables are previous jewels.  We are also always on the lookout for ways to sneak a few extra veggies into our meals – both kids and adult alike! Often, lunchtime veggies get lost in the sandwich shuffle, and at home our kids are always leaving veggies on their plate or the family just doesn’t quite finish all the peas. Our perfect solution simply folds the two together!

By taking the extra veggies at the end of dinner and tossing them into our sandwiches for the next day’s lunch, we’ve added veggies and reduced waste in one delicious step! Here’s what we did.

Tuna with Peas

Simply mix leftover peas (chopped up green beans or edamame would work too) into your tuna salad (great source of omega-3’s and protein and low in fat and calories!)

Chicken Salad with Avocado

To cut down on the mayo in your chicken salad sandwich, mash in a leftover quarter of an avocado. This is a great way to use up an avocado that might not be quite so green anymore while adding more potassium than bananas!

Egg Salad with Broccoli

Use up the stalks of broccoli by cutting off the rough, fibrous exterior on all sides until you’re left with just the tender interior. Dice it or grate it, raw or cooked, to add crunch and vitamins to a delicious egg salad sandwich. Broccoli stems actually have the same nutrition as their darker green tops, so don’t throw them away. Alternatively, just toss in some chopped leftover broccoli florets – even the ones from Chinese takeout work by adding a hint of sesame or teriyaki flavor to your sandwich!

Curry Chickpea Salad with Carrots

Chickpea salad for vegetarians is a great sandwich filling and packed with kid-friendly nutrition! Curry powder and raisins make it feel exotic but approachable. We love boosting the beta-carotene and vitamin A with some steamed carrots the kids didn’t finish at dinner or some grated raw carrots (baby carrots work for this!) for a crisp bite!

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