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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Day Play

Here in California, we’re really hoping for a wet and rainy winter. After last year’s severe drought, many of us have been doing rain dances in hopes of major downpours. As much as a wet winter is needed, this definitely puts a damper on playtime, recess and winter fun, and many of you have the added challenge of SNOW! 

Wet, Wet, Wet! 
For this week’s Peas Perspective we decided to come up with kid friendly activities to do during this cold and grey indoor season.  We all know that reading, craft making and baking can be a fantastic way to pass the time indoors. But some days your kids need activities that involve exercise -physical time that exhausts your little ones and allows you to have a cozy rainy night that ends with sleepy kids and an hour of Netflix. 

Here’s a list of indoor day musts that will burn calories, engage imaginations, and make for an exciting day of fun.

DANCE PARTY: clear some space, turn down the lights, and teach them some of your favorite moves. Then just DANCE!  Make them question if they can they do the Sid shuffle?!

BUILD A FORT: Watch your child’s creativity run amok as you give them sheets, blankets, and decorations and encourage them to make the fort of their dreams. Just make sure to remove any breakables or sharp objects.

INDOOR OBSTACLE COURSE: Similar to the fort, clear some space, provide them with cardboard, crafts, pillows, and blankets, and construct an obstacle course that will leave your little ones feeling like they just climbed the Aggro-Crag.

BRAVE THE RAIN or SNOW: A walk in the rain or snow can be dirty, muddy and cold but SO much fun.  If you have the appropriate clothing, gear up, get some fresh air and encourage puddle jumping and snow angels. We assure you that it will be an afternoon to remember! 

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