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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Checking Up on our Resolutions!

We are saying goodbye to 2014, so it’s a perfect time to check in on our “Keep up the Good Work” resolutions from 12 months ago. (Where did the year go?!) We made these resolutions as a way to set some goals without putting so much pressure on ourselves that we feel like we’ve failed. Instead, these were small changes we were already trying to implement in our lives and we were simply aiming to continue these improvements.

As we said last year, this is the perfect way to start out the New Year with a pat on the back!

So…how did we do? Well, we certainly did better than our normal resolutions, and we still have plenty to work on in the coming year. Hey, no one is perfect! Our only goal is “Better than last year.”

Cut my caffeine intake in half by brewing 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf in one pot.
95%! This was easier than expected (after the initial caffeine withdrawal) and felt so good on the body!

Always choose stairs over elevators and escalators.
98%! Another success, this simple daily choice quickly turned into a healthy habit!

Drink two big camelbak's of water per day.
75%! Keeping that waterbottle handy led to a huge improvement from last year and helped kick that 3pm slump.

Listen to NPR on my commute. Stay informed and enjoy the great stories.
60% There’s always more to be done, but  we’re counting this as a success because of all the interesting driveway moments we had and we’ve even updated this one for the coming year!

Cut out technology an hour before bed (that means no Office reruns while I drift off to sleep).
0% With a new baby, this one got neglected and turned out to be harder than we thought but we have a whole new year ahead of us to keep trying

Take one day per month to focus on myself. Have a ME party a la the muppets movie!
0% Maybe we need to adjust the loftiness of this goal and try for a Treat Yo Self day once a year!

Bring a healthy lunch to work at least 3 days per week.
100% This was one goal we met and exceeded and we are so proud to have accomplished!!

Keep monthly and weekly to do lists on my phone so that I can stay on top of my housework, dinners and errands.
90% This one took some simple technology fiddling to sync everything up but it has made a big difference in my mental focus. 

Take 10 minutes every night before bed to tidy up (instead of leaving 5 days of minor mess for the weekend).
75% Sunday cleanups have streamlined when we have been disciplined all week! But we are aiming to get this up to 100% this year!

Overall we are proud of ourselves for setting attainable, realistic goals for ourselves this year and mostly achieving them too! So how did you all do in 2014?

Stay tuned for next week where we’ll reveal our 2015 “Keep up the Good Work” resolutions!

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