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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Fun that uses Less Water!

Kids and the Drought! 

Areas all over the US, but especially here in the West, are facing hot summers with little hope of relief. As we see photos on the news and see our local rivers and lakes shrinking drastically, we all feel the need to reduce our water consumption. 

But the kids are used to water activities all summer! Sprinklers, kiddie pools, squirt guns, hoses, and water balloons were all sure-fire ways to keep the kids entertained (and dripping wet) for hours. 

We came up with a few family-friendly tips for conserving water this summer (but still having fun!)

1. Use it or Lose it! Put a bucket in the shower to collect water while it's heating up, etc., and let the kids know the THAT is the play water, and that's it. They'll be much better about making sure to use the bucket, and then you can use it to full water bottles for yard games or water toys to play with, or even freeze it for icy fun activities! 

2. Join a community pool! Many towns and districts have a local pool, or a YMCA, or a club that offers summer passes! This way, they still get their water fix but without the guilt because it's a shared and reused resource! 

3. If it's cheaper or closer, head to a river, a lake, or the beach! This is also a great educational tool.  Kids see the lines on the rocks or the shore where the water level once was, versus the level it's at now, and it makes the drought very clear! 

4. Spray when you play! Instead of big squirt guns or the hose, give the kids spray bottles to chase each other around while using exponentially less water! 

Let's all do our part to conserve water and teach our children its value! 

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