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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ice Cream for AFTER SCHOOL!

As a parent, you know not to hand a kid a ripe peach or a handful of summer strawberries without a pack of wipes and a change of shirt. Sticky fing…nope…sticky everything is inevitable! Not to mention you hand them a peach and they’re going to hand you that messy pit right back. Such is the life of a parent.

So giving a kid a ripe summer fruit unsupervised is ill-advised. Agreed. Most of you would also say that letting a kid have ice cream or a popsicle before homework is also a no-no. But lo! What have we here! A way to take ripe summer fruit, imbue it with loads of protein and calcium, and serve it as a frozen after school treat that will have kids jumping up and down? Why yes, yes that is exactly what we’ve got for you this month. Pat yourselves on the backs, parents, you’re about to be the afternoon circus hero with this one!

We take whatever fruit is ripe and tasty (maybe a little too ripe!) on the counter, toss it in the blender with full-fat Greek yogurt, a little sweetener, and the secret ingredient – Silken Tofu!

If you’re feeling ambitious, pour it into freeze-pop molds!

1lb Silken Firm Tofu
1c Greek Yogurt (full-fat plain or fruit flavored!)
1c Milk (or Vanilla Almond Milk)
2 c Fruit (whatever you have on hand!)
1/2c Agave Nectar
1tsp salt
1tsp lemon juice


Whizz everything together in a blender, then pour into your ice cream maker until it’s frozen and delicious. Alternatively, pour from the blender into popsicle molds for the easy serving in the morning. Then sit back, relax, and feel great that the kids are getting 11g of protein from their frozen after school treat!

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